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Pelvic Floor Trainer


Information and films for expectant mothers and women who have just given birth.


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Newsletter for October:  Premiere of the Waterbirth e-learning and app - only in Danish at present, but English and German will follow. Get online acces at our webshop or find the app on the Appstore. 50% discount for the rest of October.
Welcome to the midwifery students from the FH Kärnten, Austria, who now have access to GynZone's e-learning.
Newsletter for September: Birth positions in water. Animals in the womb. Discount on Birth Injury illustrations. Thought-provoking studies in biochemistry and genetics. Subscribe to the newsletter here.


GynZones clients say...

Great educational material

"The systematic introduction to diagnosing perineal trauma after childbirth is excellent.

The visual guides and recommendations about "how to do it in real life" are optimal for student training prior to caring for women in labour".
Associate professor Hanne Graugaard
University College South Denmark
Curriculum in Swedish Midwifery Training

"I wish to thank you for a fantastic program! Interesting, informative and pedagogical.

I have already learned a lot for my clinical practice as a midwife!
Agneta Westergren, Midwifery Student
Umeå University Sweden
I would like to thank you for the excellent workshop. I can recommend your curse to every new assistant in obstetrics. In the clinical daily life do we learn usually "by doing", but without the theoretical basics, which were teached in your workshop.
Dr. med. Saskia Platzer
Gynecologist, Hamburg
Recommended for German Midwives

"Empfehlenswert für Anfänger/-innen und für geübte Hebammen/Student/-innen, die ihre Kenntnisse reflektieren und auffrischen wollen".
Midwife MPH Christiane Schwarz
 Midwifery School Bochum, Germany
Great homepage for patients

"I recommend the section about women´s health to my pregnant and postnatal patients". 
Dr. Elke Franzki
Gynaecologist in Hamburg, Germany
Recommended for women in Germany

"A great experience, congratulations with this well designed webpage! It must have been a lot of work.

I will recommend it to women who look for advice on postnatal issues"

Britta-Freya Heuschmann
Midwife in Hamburg, Germany

Unique tools; E-learning is here to stay!

"It is my duty as a health professional to keep up to date and use the latest knowledge and technology to ensure the best treatment for my patients.

This is possible by using the online tools supplied by GynZone."

Dr. Negin Nasrallah
Trainee in Obst & Gyn.
Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark
At the highest level

"Diese Plattform ist einmalig als Einstiegstool und gewährleistet ein up date auf höchstem Niveau".
                          Martina König
Director of the Midwifery Schooll Innsbruck, Austria
I highly recommend it!

"GynZone offers a unique opportunity for maintenance and development of your skills within an area of great importance to women's health.

Thanks to the very professional e-learning programme from GynZone I  have the chance of being updated at a high level, based on latest knowledge and evidence".

Mathilde Lindh Jorgenson
Aarhus University Hospital, Skejby

"Ein toller Einstieg in die Ausbildung für die perfekte Versorgung von Geburtsverletzungen zugunsten unserer Frauen. 

Eine großartig gestaltete Anleitung - Schritt für Schritt nachvollziehbar".

Peggy Seehafer
Midwifery Teacher in Germany



"We are extremely impressed by your website and will definitely consider using it as a reference for our own students (and teachers!)."


Astrid Merkx
Midwifery  Teacher
University Maastricht, The Netherlands



"GynZones e-learning presents the possibility of creating an open interdisciplinary dialogue regarding diagnostics and the suturing of perineal lacerations in our labour ward at Hillerod Hospital in Denmark.


It features both pedagogic and very elegant switches between animation and video."


 Hanne Brix, PhD
Consultant Obstetrician
Hillerod Hospital, Denmark



"Die Lerneinheit gefällt mir sehr gut, sie enthält wirklich gute Erklärungen, Bilder und Animationen - mein Kompliment an die Projektbeteiligten".


Renate Reutter,



"For many midwives it isn't always easy to follow the development within the profession as most new research is published in English.


Here, we have the possibility to learn about new methods and research in Norwegian."


Stine Bernitz
Research Midwife in Norway



"The combination of animation and videos presents an excellent preparation for suturing in reality.


We use the e-learning for all gyn-obs trainees in Aarhus University Hospital Skejby"


Rune Lykke
MD, Trainee in obst & Gyn
Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark



"The e-learning module is simply perfect. User-friendly, beautifully illustrated and a pleasure to work with.


Our students are very happy using GynZone and we find the e-learning greatly beneficial for training of clinical skills."


Vivi Lautrup
Educational Midwife in Denmark



"The animations are excellent and illustrative.


It is much easier to change a technique already learned with the help of the films, than to just have it explained by text.


Many have had an "I see!" experience in how they can improve their suturing."


Tone Selmer-Olsen
Midwife in Trondheim, Norway



"Thank you so much for a beautiful homepage!


It is so good to be able to see entirely, specific techniques for suturing at last.


It has really helped me a lot with my studies!"

Margrethe Bjorheim
Student Midwife in Norway



"GynZones e-learning is an impressive piece of work. There are so many entries and angles to the material.


It is kind of like an encyclopedia where you become preoccupied with a subject beside of the one you were originally looking for."


Hanne Pedersen
Clinical Midwife
Herlev Hospital, Denmark