Pain relief for repair of birth lacerations - 3 hours

Gel, spray, infiltration
Pudendal block: Transvaginal and transcutaneous
Entonox, epidural, spinal, thermal therapy and medicine

Surgical Skills, repair of labia and 1st degree tears - 3 hours

Instrument-tied knots, instrument handling and safe surgery
Needles and suture materials, interrupted stitches
Continuous suturing and self-locking knots
Repair of labia and 1st degree tears on medical models

Master Class - 7 hours

Intense all-day workshop for midwives, doctors and clinical educators
Surgical skills training, repair of labia, 1 - 2nd degree tears and episiotomies

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Diagnosis of birth lacerations - 3 hours

International classification, prevalence and prevention
Anatomy of the pelvic floor: Muscles, fascia, mucosa
Clinical tips, work environment, light, pain relief, training

Repair of 2nd degree tears - 3 hours

Diagnosis, classification, sutures, needles and instruments
Training on medical models
Healing and follow up

Sphincter course, 3rd and 4th degree tears - 3 hours

Anatomy of the pelvic floor and diagnosis: Ultrasound and 3D model
Suture techniques and choice of suture material
Suturing of internal + external sphincter and anorectal mucosa