Target group
Midwives, gynaecologists, obstetricans and students/trainees of these subjects.

To ensure the best treatment of perineal tears by delivering a comprehensive e-learning programme for midwifery schools, medical faculties and hospitals on how lacerations after vaginal delivery can be diagnosed, anaesthetised and sutured.

The content has a total duration of 7 hours and 25 minutes.

The module is available in English, German, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.

Video, audio and animation with instructions for: Diagnostics. Anaesthetics. Suturing labia. 1st - 4th degree perineal tears. Episiotomy. Keeping records. Follow up on healing. 

The module contains a quiz about diagnostics.

With a multi-user licence you will also get access to photos, drawings and graphic illustrations which you may download and use for educational purposes.

Diagnostics 47 min
Quiz 60 min
Anaesthetics 44 min
Labia repair 93 min
1st degree tear 17 min
2nd degree tear 44 min
Episiotomy 50 min
3rd degree tear 61 min
4th degree tear 29 min

How to get online access

Personal access
You can buy an individual licence in our webshop.

Multi-user licence for institutions
For institutions with a minimum of 15 users we offer a multi-user licence. Read more.
Write to us at aW5mb0BneW56b25lLm5ldA== for a quote or place your order here.

E-learning developed by clinical experts

The Perineal Repair module has been developed by midwife Sara Kindberg, the urogynaecologist Karl Møller Bek and Marianne Glavind-Kristensen.

All of the above are clinical experts and researchers at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark.