Institutions can order an annual licence here

Hospitals, midwifery schools and medical faculties can buy an annual multi-user licence for 15 users or more by filling out this form.

Please note that by filling out this form you accept the terms of GynZone's Licence Agreement. The multi-user licence will be renewed each year on January 1st with the same number of modules and users unless we receive prior notice 3 months before the end of the year. Please also note our limitations of liability under points 6, 8 and 9.

Name of Institution
Name of the person responsible for ordering the multi-user licence ("licence buyer")
Telephone number of the licence buyer
VAT/local tax number or GST number (Canada)
E-mail to which the invoice should be send
Invoice address (street name/PO-box, post code/zip, town, country)
Postal address for the institution (if different from invoice address)
Name of the person who will be responsible for administering the user profiles in your licence ("licence administrator)
Title / job function of your licence administrator
E-mail of your licence administrator
Phone number of your licence administrator
Number of users of the multi-user licence (minimum 15)
Licence start date
The licence should include the following e-learning modules:
Premium Licence: Access to all modules + extended service
Perineal Repair
Surgical Skills
Healing and early secondary repair. Language: Danish
Vaginal Birth. Language: Danish

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