Target group
Midwives and midwifery students

Our aim is to help make waterbirth a safe and pleasant alternative form of birth. Using water for labour and birth has many advantages: Pain relief, freedom of movement, calm and tranquility. 

The content has a total duration of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

The module is available in English, German and Danish.

Videos with instructions and practical tips, plus videos of births.

With a multi-user licence you will also get access to photos, drawings and graphic illustrations which you may download and use for educational purposes.

CHAPTER Duration
Introduction 5 min
Pain relief 11 min  
Well-being 9 min 
Birth in water 17 min   
Post Partum 5 min 
Safety 6 min 
Working environment 8 min 
Fjordblink birth pool 8 min 

How to get online access

Personal access
You can buy an individual licence in our webshop.

Multi-user licence for institutions
For institutions with a minimum of 15 users we offer a multi-user licence. Read more.
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Developed by clinical experts

The content has been developed in collaboration with Scandinavian waterbirth experts: 
  • Midwife Anne Fjeldberg, Norway
  • Midwife Sara Kindberg, PhD, Denmark
The birth videos and clinical footage contained in this e-learning were shot in Denmark at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen, the Regional Hospital Herning, and Aarhus University Hospital.