Pelvic floor training is for women of all ages

Pregnancy and child birth are a strain on the pelvic floor muscles.

Therefore, your midwife and doctor encourage you to train regularly.

If you find this too difficult or you are not sure if you are training correctly, it is a good idea to receive focused instruction from a physiotherapist or a midwife with experience in the training of training of the pelvic floor.

Receive free bookmark

GynZone has a Danish bookmark for training the pelvic floor. 

Bookmarks are totally free upon request. By sharing your bookmarks with others, e.g. your mothers' group, you can help other women learn about GynZone and the training programs on this website.

GynZones free information for patients is financed by external funds.

Further guidance on training of the pelvic floor

The Association of Danish Physiotherapists have a list of physiotherapists who offer guidance in the training of the pelvic floor.

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